We build your dream Villa… You Dream It We Build It…

Building your own private villa in Paros Island is easier than you might think. Since 2000 we have been constructing private villas through our own construction company, We offer you a home of the highest quality – ready for you to move in to.

Building your dream villa to the highest quality standards and guarantees on Paros Island can be an easy and enjoyable experience.  All you need to do is expose your wishes, decide on a location, approve a project, choose the elements that will make it your own and be kept informed in detail of the progress down to the handing over of the key to your new home.

Under a project management contract, our team of architects, landscape artists, interior designers and project managers can assist you throughout the construction of your Paros Island luxury estate. We will help you buy land, plan the project, select architects, obtain the required licenses, manage your budget and the construction process, and make your abode beautiful, inside and out. We can even look after your property when you are away.

We offer many pre-designed houses with detailed drawings which you can choose. Or you can choose to have your dream Villa exclusively designed for you according to your own specifications. Your ideal home can be designed based upon your particular preferences regarding location, architecture, standards and price.

Once you have decided on your house, we will prepare the Construction Contract, with a fixed price for your house, ready for you to put the key in the door. We will handle all the legal requirements relating to completion of the house.

We build your new house with the best materials available, for our special stone houses we use white Paros marble stones, white marble floors or quality tile floors according to your whishes. Offering the highest level of quality throughout, is the prime commitment that is followed through in every one of our departments to fulfil our clients' projects successfully.

Your peace of mind and satisfaction throughout the entire development process of your project represents a key aspect and principal priority for our company's credibility and success as a high quality brand. On these terms, our payment structure is designed to maximise the protection of your investment: Independent quality inspection bodies, officially certify each and every construction phase before you pay for the next one. This way you have the guarantee that payments are only extended for what is sound and built to the expected quality.

After the end of the construction of your beautiful luxury Villa you do not have to worry for anything as long you are away. We also offer Property Management Services, Administration Services and House Keeping Services.